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Lounge Jazz Live

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Lobby Lounge SANSOUKA
At night, our lobby transforms into a bar & lounge with a view of a waterfall lit up in green. We offer a variety of drinks. Enjoy relaxing and have a luxury time after a dinner.

Show Time:
Part1 : 20:10 ~
Part2 : 21:00~
Part3 : 22:10~

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Domed Astronomical Observatory

Domed Astronomical Observatory 
Please enjoy the beautiful starts in clear sky while your stay of journey. You can also watch the movie at Yuagari-dokoro while you are resting after taking a bath.

Astronomic observation time:
7:30 ~ 22:10
Closing Tuesday

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Misuzu Kaneko was a Japanese poet and songwriter. Displaying Misuzu Kaneko’s work, Hagi pottery and local culture. 

Opening Hours:
7:30 ~ 22:00 
Admission:500 yen (Free for hotel guests)

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Foot Bath

Relax Your Feet at Anytime

Now soak your feet in the hot spring. You can relax from the healing powers of warm spring water. It right next to the lounge lobby. Please enjoy the feet hot spring as you drinking the beverage. 

Opening Hours:
16:00 ~ 23:00

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Pool Garden

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Summer Season Pool
We open the swimming pool during the summer season. You can check-in early to enjoy the pool. 

Opening Season:
July 21 ~ August 30
Opening Hours:
11:00 ~ 17:30

In House Guest - Free!
Day Trip Guest - 2,000 JPY

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And more...

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Showtime 21:30 ~

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Night Spots Karaoke Studio 

Opening Hours 20:00 ~ 24:00