Hot Spring

Natural Hot Spring

The guest can enjoy various types of baths, such as large baths where you can fully enjoy a natural hot spring, an outdoor hot-spring bath that lets you appreciate the taste of the seasons, a herb bath popular among women, a Jacuzzi-whirlpool bath, a reclining bath, and our sauna.

せせらぎの湯 ~Seseragi-No-Yu~

こもれびの湯 ~Komorebi-No-Yu~

Opening Hours

In House Guest
1) 11:00am ~ 24:30am
2) 05:30am ~ 09:30am
Female and male guests will take turns for each available hours.

Day Trip Guest Bath Time
Weekend / Public Holiday / Holiday Season
11:30 ~ 15:00
18:00 ~ 21:30
Weekday 11:30 ~ 21:30
Sauna 05:00 ~ 22:00
Adults 2,000 yen (tax included)
Children 1,000 yen (tax included. Age below the elementary school.)

✳︎Guests with a tattoo may not be permitted to enter public bathing areas and other public facilities.